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Wish me… STRENGTH!

So tonight we’ll be going bowling with some people from church! I love going bowling… I always have… but guess why? Because even when I AM REALLY REALLY BAD AT IT… There is always junk food to eat! Yes… I love good food, high cuisine food or plain healthy food but… don’t get me wrong… I could eat a bunch of buffalo wings, nachos, a big cheese burger and a huge cold coke with great pleasure!!!! (why don’t we have some ice cream with that??) so… I know it will be hard today! I really wanted to “skip it” I don’t feel like going to be tortured… I can’t even bowl and now I can’t even EAT! I know everybody else will be eating and it’s not going to be even remotely possible that I find something “healthy” in a Bowling Alley Menu! so wish me strength! Please I beg you! I just hope everything is over quickly!!!


The Thin Lady Inside


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