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Hungry? eat beans!

Well… I have been eating a little more these past days, just adding some things because it seemed I was eating too little calories and maybe that’s what got me “stuck” in my weight… anyway… I started adding “beans” to my diet… they are very good for you, high in iron, etc… I just don’t like “American Beans” or “baked beans” they taste so weird… sweet and weird… many people eat them in picnics here… which I find funny… but anyway… this is a very Mexican and very healthy way to eat beans as a snack or as a meal, just make sure they have no fat in them and no sugar added (or molasses) I buy the brand “GOYA” they are pinto, red or black beans… make sure they are no refried beans… they should just be basically “boiled”. So 1/2 a cup of beans (to still keep it in the low calorie side) Then I just add some (as much or little as you want!) chopped cilantro, onions, tomatoes and pickled jalapenos, plus a slice or two of cubed avocado! YUM! It is delicious! Just make sure you heat the beans first, they should be hot and then add “the garnish” (all the chopped stuff) once they are hot, add some salt on top and enjoy! It is a VERY VERY healthy and satisfying thing to eat!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Hungry? eat beans!

  1. I love beans too and I usually buy them dry, cheakpeas, kidney beans, lentil. But I have to be careful because it trigger some disease that I have. I like maple syrup baked beans too because it’s part of my culture (I am from Québec, Canada) but I can tell you that the canned stuff doesn’t compare too the real baked dish served with freshly hunted partridge lol. Your dish looks delicious ( I would eat avocado with a spoon if they weren’t so caloric). 🙂

    • I use avocado instead of olive oil sometimes (within my range of fats/oils allowed for the day) avocado is just SOOOO GOOD FOR YOU… Way higher in potassium than oranges! canned beans are not my favorite either but this is a “quick” snack for those “cravings you get” plus… nobody in my house likes beans… so… I don’t really cook them just for me… I go for the cans LOL! .. 🙂 You should definitely try this dish! It is very good and it’s going to be even better if you cook your own beans!

      • I was just saying saying canned maple syrup backed beans versus the real backed dish. The other canned beans are perfectly good but nobody likes them here either so with dry ones I can cook just a little amount of beans lol

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