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An experiment and a “Thank you”

Well… as you know … I did some different things (ate more) to “scare my body” (LOL!) and try to shake things up a little bit! well… today… I was terrified to get on the scale! But I did… and surprisingly … well… here is my weight:

Yesterday’s weight: 203.6                Today’s weight: 203.8

huh! It’s been so hard to lose weight and I’ve been easily increasing a little and losing nothing that even when I knew I ate more to get out of this hole and ultimately LOSE weight (weird!) I expected the number to increase even more! I am soooo happy it didn’t!!! Last night, as I already mentioned I went to the gym burned 800 calories but usually after my running I feel extremely cold and I am cold most of the time (I think it is for the low amount of calories I had been eating too) well… last night after what I ate yesterday and after the running I was… sweating, not much but just this uncomfortable yucky “I am too hot” feeling! Almost like “hot-flashes” and it made me think my body is maybe trying to burn those extra calories I ate! I sure hope so! so… anyway… my experiment is not only the “eating more” but a dear friend of mine suggested my weighing myself everyday isn’t helping me (OH! I KNOW that very well!) so… I am going to TRY (I can’t promise anything) but I am going to try not to weigh myself for a few days…. I’ll weigh myself again on Monday 2/27 and see what happens! It is going to be hard for me! Not only I weigh myself everyday but SEVERAL TIMES A DAY so not weighing myself for a while is going to require some self-control! I know it’s the smart/right thing to do! I’ve been so focused on the numbers of the scale that it frustrates me when they don’t change and I just lose focus of what I AM REALLY doing here… so… we’ll see how this goes! Hopefully I have good news on Monday! right? I’ll still blog everyday, of course! That’s the next part of this post… Not only blogging/keeping a journey of this experience is helping me stay accountable and reflect on my habits/motivations, etc… but it also has been a great way for me to stay encouraged! And that’s thanks to YOU! Whoever reads/likes/comments! Thank you! Your words of encouragement have been like the extra push I need to keep going! I just appreciate it so much! I never expected anybody to even stop by my blog… this was and still is a tool for me! I felt I needed to WRITE what I go through but it’s become more than that and I am just happy and thankful YOU are there… so… THANK YOU!

Have to go now! 🙂

The Thin Lady Inside


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