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Self-control/Exercising and The Biggest Loser

-sigh- I must say that I am a little (not a lot) but a little discouraged! After seeing every single day my weight stay the same, increase a little, decrease a tiny wee little bit, increase a little, decrease some more and so on… It’s just hard… knowing all the things I am doing and how DETERMINED I am to get rid of these imprisoning pounds! I feel like I see no fruit, no result, no satisfaction! just hard work and restraining myself from eating what I want! I know in my mind I have to be patient, this is not a quick fix, yada, yada, yada, yada… but I think even the person with the best attitude does get a little discouraged every once in a while when it seems nothing changes regardless of the effort!

Today… I am just thankful I went to Bible Study and then watched the Biggest Loser… I needed that! I started feeling like there was no point in going to the gym today! right? It probably wouldn’t even matter on the scale anyway! (even as I type I feel like I could cry about it!) but then again I gained inner strength and there I went… to the gym… to push myself no matter what! even if I never lost one more ounce (which I know I will but bear with me… please see what I’ll get to) so… even if I never lost any other bit of weight … this exercise is good for me! I do feel with more energy! and I can’t afford to gain one more ounce! And I know the only way to not gain more weight is through exercise and eating good! Today… (you know this if you read my previous post) I did eat more than I usually do… I indulged hoping to “shake things up a little bit” and get my body going! hopefully I’ll start losing again (even if I gain a little bit after the eating) but I just hope I can get out of this weird ditch where I am at! so… this week on the Biggest Loser was about one of the greatest excuses of all… “I lack self control” … Oh! How many times I’ve felt I need will power! How many times I’ve succumbed to temptation because in my mind I’ve convinced myself there is no way I can say “NO” … how many times I haven’t exercised because I feel like I am not disciplined enough, consistent enough, strong (inside especially) enough! I’ve always felt so weak! But I can say NO… I can take control and just keep going! I don’t want to be a “victim” I want to be a happy woman, mom and wife! Being able to enjoy life, living healthier and longer (hopefully) for my family and for the Lord…

So… I worked out today… a little over an hour and I burned a total of 800 calories! YEAH! I can’t say I am all motivated and pumped up right now but I am walking, I am still on the game…

The Thin Lady Inside


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