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It was true!!!

Ok… so I am just happy the 203.4 lbs. I saw on the scale yesterday were true! Today I am still 203.4 which isn’t very exciting (because I wanted to weigh less) but at least I didn’t see any increase and I can only go down from here with my exercise and healthy eating.

Yesterday… I had all my meals planned, first my omelette in the morning and then I would have a hamburger for lunch, mushrooms, roasted red onion slices, lots of baby greens and wonderful cold water to drink (I love water!) It was even hard to focus during sermon in church thinking about the hamburger I’d have later on (sorry… it’s true!) when everything was done some people from church invited us for lunch… I was a little worried! MY HAMBURGER! But since we are new in the area and church we have to take advantage of times like this when people want to get to know us better, it’s fellowship… so I still mentioned I am watching what I eat, etc… but we are not very familiar with restaurants here, and since they were inviting/planning, they got to choose the place! 😦 …. They picked a “”””””Mexican“””””” place (or they think it’s Mexican) it’s almost offensive to see what most people in the USA think is Mexican LOL! (Not really offensive, I don’t take offense that easily… it’s just … sad! :P) … anyway… I’ve lived here for about 5 years now and I’ve looked everywhere and still I haven’t found an authentic place! so… anyway… we ordered and I tried to stay with the “healthiest possible choice” but all “Mexican food” here seems to be GREASY, SPICY AND COVERED IN GOOEY CHEESE! unlike real Mexican food which is fresh, crispy, etc… so… -sigh- there I was trying to eat just a little bit and I stayed within my calories but I only ate very little! 😦 very, very little, I was SOOO HUNGRY! Once we got home I ate a big big big salad (to make it all somewhat better) and that was it… -sigh- no hamburger for me… I didn’t have enough calories left to eat it… 😦 and since I’ve been struggling being stuck around the same weight for 2 weeks now I thought it was better to stay on the “lower” side with my calories for the day… I am just thinking about my hamburger TODAY! I will have it TODAY! And it will be great!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “It was true!!!

  1. Yeah I think they call that Tex-Mex food. You just made me realise that I don’t know what real Mexican food is . I knew that it could not be Taco bell or anything like that but I would love to learn more about it. It could be a good post idea for you one day lol
    I sorry about your hamburger, I know what it is to think about a particular food and then if you cannot have it it’s horrible! 🙂

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