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Hopefully this is it…

So…. if you’ve read my previous posts you know I’ve been struggling to LOSE WEIGHT for the past two weeks… I seem to stay around 205 lbs. then make some progress then for some reason gain a little of the weight back and then lose some and so on and so on… I’ve been exercising and eating healthier, keeping my calories around 1200 and still my body refuses to pass this weird “barrier” here are my numbers today:

Yesterday’s weight: 204.0 lbs.       Today’s weight: 203.4 lbs.

I don’t want to start celebrating to soon! Because I’ve been here (and a little lower) already so I am trying to just “watch” my numbers and not get my hopes too high… I do hope this is it of course! And from here keep making progress towards my goal… but I don’t want to get disappointed if tomorrow I see 204.1 or something like that again! I am optimistic/realistic…. and I am enjoying just knowing that I’ve made some progress and knowing that I am still feeling pretty strong with all this and not losing steam! I am on the fight until I get there! this is just a small bump on the road! we’ll see the scale tomorrow!

The Thin Lady Inside


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