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Much harder than I thought

Well… it seems leaving the 200s is much harder than I thought! Today the scale shows weight gain and I am not happy about that! Could it be liquid retention? Is my body just refusing to lose weight? is it my brain causing me to not lose more? Who knows!? But I am scared! and worried! And that doesn’t help! Look at my numbers:

Yesterday’s weight: 203.2             Today’s weight: 204.2

huh??? People I’ve read say that our bodies have a “memory” and they tend to get “stuck” in the weight where we’ve been for a long period of time… this is the weight where I’ve  been for a long time because even when I’ve gained I go back to this always and then stay there for a while and then gain and then lose and stay right here… it seems this is the my limit! But I am GOING TO BREAK THAT BARRIER! I need to fight harder than ever to be able to LEAVE THESE NUMBERS! Last night was not the case… I ate more because I was REALLY REALLY HUNGRY… It was all good stuff… you know… chicken, rice, vegetables but It was more than the portion I usually get… I don’t regret it though… I was TRULY AND HONESTLY VERY HUNGRY… I felt like I needed that… I also think I need to increase my water intake, yesterday I went out and decided to not drink as much water because it makes me go to the bathroom every 15 minutes… and then I didn’t go to the gym… it was another late day for hubby at work… –sigh– so … I know all of those factors combined contributed to my not only not losing but gaining… ugh! Frustrating… today will be a GREAT DAY! I know! and I will leave these 200s soon! even if it takes longer than I had originally planned… it’s ok! I am going to get there!

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “Much harder than I thought

  1. I like your positive attitude. Congrats on losing 20+lbs. What’s helped me lately is to closely evaluate my habits. What are the the things I do without thinking. that ranges from what I drink, what i eat, how i eat and my exercise regiment. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit so every 3 weeks I’m trying to shift one bad habit to a good habit. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I appreciate your encouragement! 🙂 I read your blog (will start following) and I saw how focused you are not only on your goal setting but on getting rid of habits that “will kill you” or at least that will threaten the reaching of those goals! Great job! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, wanting to get to a specific number drives me crazy sometimes it’s like it takes forever! Drinking lots help with my weight loss but like you I have to cut it out on days that I have to be somewhere. Maybe tracking calories would help or finding exercise you can do at home while kids are napping. Have you thought of doing step or stairs if you have some? I am sure that with your determination you will break through that barrier just fine 🙂

    • Currently (we just moved from Wi to Tx) we live in an apartment, no stairs, not much space, etc… but I do count my calories! I stay at around 1200 everyday (sometimes probably less!) but oh well… I guess it’s just a bump! Yes… it is hard, right? and no… my 3 yr. old doesn’t nap! LOL! but I DO!!! 🙂 (not all the time but some days!) I feel tired most of the time… that could be either the sleep apnea or the RA or both! 😛 … anyway… I am trying to stay positive… I am sure I’ll have to “get out of the 200’s” sooner or later if I keep at it! Thank you!!!

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