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Every step of the way…

Well… yesterday was a very good day…. you know? I felt in control (most of the time) with the things I ate and everything…. then hubby came from work (later than usual) and with a horrible cold… I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym again, he didn’t look like he could watch the girls for an hour but even when he didn’t feel like it he did! So I was very thankful for his support and off to the gym I went! It was hard! After two days of not exercising because of the girl being sick, late work, etc… I just felt so TIRED! I wanted to just QUIT every single step of the way!!! I was soo tempted to just get off the treadmill! And I even tried to get “good excuses” in my mind like “You should be home taking care of your husband… poor guy” and then I just realized I was just lying to myself and trying to “escape” my workout! I realized 1 hour wouldn’t kill him and he said he would be fine! I knew I wanted to really jump off the treadmill because I didn’t want to keep moving my legs! So I even increased the speed a little more! There you go fat! for trying to stop me! Take this! and between huff and puff I finished the hour and burned a total of 765 calories! I ended all shaky, sweaty and with my heart jumping out of my chest but it felt GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Because I WON! I wish my mind and body would cooperate! LOL! But I know this war will be won battle by battle, step by step and if I quit when it gets a little hard then I’ll never really GET THERE! I’ll stay in this BIG prison for good!

So I must say I felt pretty accomplished and proud of myself and today it was a very rewarding time on the scale:

Yesterday’s weight: 204.0           Today’s weight: 203.2

WOOOHOOO!!! Every step and every minute on the treadmill last night were totally worth it!

The Thin Lady Inside



2 thoughts on “Every step of the way…

  1. You are really pushing yourself! Good on you! Make sure you take good care of yourself too because usually the cold gets you when you are very tired after taking care of everybody that had it 🙂 Keep it up you’re on your way down !

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