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That kind of week -sigh-

I guess it’s just “that kind of week” … I didn’t lose any weight from yesterday to today… –sigh– and I am really needing that extra motivation… it is weird how I can be all pumped up one day and then down the other! I guess I just have to push through this! Maybe what made the day harder yesterday was the fact that I had Ladies Bible Study in the morning (with lots of AWESOME things to eat for breakfast) and I was still strong and made smart choices… then came home and baked sugar cookies for hubby (they turned out amazing and I think I did a good job decorating them… I’ll even share a pic here… sorry!) and for some reason I just felt anxious the whole day and like I was OUT OF CONTROL… I ate spoonfuls of things that I shouldn’t have… (I mean, it was just rice and some chicken but it wasn’t the moment to have it!) and I was just feeling weak overall! It was sooo hard to not give up to my “fat mentality” and EAT UNCONTROLLABLY!!! I ended strong with my “eating though”… I couldn’t go workout because hubby came home too late but I know I stayed within the range of calories I should have! and still… maybe the stress and impatience of “leaving the 200s” is NOT ALLOWING me to be free… it’s like my prison doesn’t want to give up and let ME COME OUT! It’s like my mind and body are sabotaging me! -sigh- … maybe it’s just one of those weeks when it’s just harder… I’ll just need to “pass this bump”.

So… here are my cookies (I had none of course)

For My Valentine

Oh! And my numbers… as I said… are the same: -sigh- I hope/feel today will be a better day!

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “That kind of week -sigh-

  1. Hang in there … it can be hard at times … you are an inspiration to a lot of people, even when the numbers don’t come through on time and even when you are having a struggle of a day! Love the cookies!

    • Aw Thank you! I don’t think of myself as an inspiration… but hopefully someone else realizes that they are not alone! That yes, it is hard for many others… but exercise and healthy eating work! 😀 … Thank you Dave! I appreciate your comment!! Great to see you around!

  2. I know exactly how you feel because it’s how I have been for the past few days. My mind is so weak at the moment. Usually I am in better control so I made those cupcakes thinking that I would please my family and I would be fine not having any but it didn’t work like usual….I had too many and didn’t have any will power to fight the cravings. I will get the celery and the tea out tomorrow lolI I think if you did not have any of those beautiful cookies you were not so bad after all lol

    • oh! I am sorry you have been struggling! 😦 It is hard! isn’t it? But it’s just cupcakes! I mean… I know how it is… and I totally understand the feeling! but… it’s done and it’s past… let’s keep our eyes in our goals! 🙂 You’re the same person that has lost all THOSE POUNDS… Which means you ARE strong and you DO HAVE will power! You’ll get there! We’ll get there!!! Hugs!

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