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Almost back to where I was…

So… last night I worked out even when every single fiber of my being was telling me not to! Why is it always so hard to go workout? The feeling after doing it is really GREAT and I feel accomplished, proud of myself and I always think “This wasn’t that hard!” but then… the next day… is like I have to convince myself that is something I NEED and HAVE to do! I hope one day I can be like those people who say they enjoy exercising so much they just CAN’T STOP! LOL! 🙂 ANYWAY… The consistency is paying off… and I am almost back to where I was “pre-Valentine Banquet” 🙂 … Here are my numbers:

Yesterday’s weight: 205.0        Today’s weight: 204.6

I am glad I’m almost back to where I was so I can just continue making progress from there… Right now I am baking heart-shaped sugar cookies for hubby, I wanted to make a cake but I know I am just not ready for that… so instead I am making those cookies that way hubby eats them all and they are not a temptation later … I am glad hubby is supporting me so much with my eating healthier/exercising… when I woke up I found a beautiful card and flowers (no chocolate!) so I am very happy! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day! xoxo

The Thin Lady Inside


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