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I guess I’m still paying

Well… I was excited to get on the scale today and hopefully start seeing my numbers “go back” to where I was and “forget all about” the Valentine Banquet… well… not all about it but at least “the weight gain” that resulted from that… so yesterday I ate sooo great! I was a good conscious girl and I even turned down an amazingly delicious sushi roll that hubby brought home! (I’m so proud about that!!!) my workout went awesome too! I burned 724 calories in 1 hour… walked/ran 4.1 miles and it felt really good so… here are my numbers today:

Yesterday’s weight: (Damage count) 205.0          Today’s weight: 205.6 (GULP!)

It wasn’t nice to see that my indulging was still “passing me the bill” LOL! but it was ok… I know there’ll be days like that and I will not lose focus… so today I’ve been doing great with my eating and I just came back from the gym… but about all that I’ll share tomorrow! No disappointments or discouragement here… Just updating and keeping my eyes open as to how my body reacts and I know that even without indulging I’ll hit plateaus and bumps in the road… that’s ok… My journey is not “a quick fix” at least not this time… This will take time but I am on the right path!

The Thin Lady Inside


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