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It felt AWESOME!

Oh! it really did! I just came back from the gym! I was an hour on the treadmill and I could really feel the difference of “walking/running” with less weight on me! I mean… I am still obese, we all know that, but I’ve gotten rid of about 18 pounds and MY KNEES can tell! I walked at 4.1 and ran (at 5.0) for 2 minutes every 10 minutes of the hour… I felt great! Burned a total of 721 calories for 4.2 miles! YES! It is interesting to also see that the more weight I lose obviously the calories I burn go down too… so my goal is to keep increasing intensity to try and maintain my calorie burning at or above 700 per hour!

I just had to share that! I am very happy! It was hard to “give the first step” and go back to the gym after “the break” I took from being sick but I am so excited that I was stronger and did it! I definitely need to burn as many calories as I can because tomorrow will be the “Valentine Banquet” at church for all the married couples (while the kids are taken care of in church!) and given the “date”/”event” and the fact that hubby and I don’t get many of these opportunities I am definitely going to ENJOY the night! (I hope it doesn’t reflect much on the scale)

Have to go now!

The Thin Lady Inside


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