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Sniffling and The Biggest Loser!

I usually workout while watching the Biggest Loser on Tuesdays, I mean, I try to workout every day but on Tuesdays I make sure it’s while the show is on! But Yesterday the only thing I moved was my hand to reach another kleenex! oh this cold is really horrible! So my level of patience and tolerance wasn’t as high … no matter what I usually feel sorry for the person who leaves the house… but as I said, I wasn’t in my best of moods last night and I was actually happy for the outcome of the vote off!

So… let’s go to that…

*** SPOILER ALERT WARNING!!! Information about The Biggest Loser Episode 2/7/2011 ***

So, as I said… I was happy about the person who got voted off, and that person was ADRIAN... How did it get to that? Well… first of all the challenge was lost by the red team… so they, as a punishment for losing, they didn’t have their trainer for the whole week, so Dolvett had to WATCH them on TV (without them knowing) and Kim, from the red team took the role as a leader to help them train everyday and get rid of the “I can’t do it on my own” excuse. Kim did a great job with the exercises she chose for them to perform during the week and they managed to lose a great amount of weight all together (54 pounds I think) they even got the black team nervous (they did have Bob to train them the whole time). Then, it was the turn for the black team to get on the scale, all the women got on the scale first and of course, women don’t lose as much as men do… at least not as fast, but when Chism and Jeremy lost more than it was needed for the Black team to win the weigh in and with all the issues, drama and lack of ability of Adrian to just cooperating and being a teammate (or at least staying out of trouble by focusing on his weight loss and forget about voicing his opinions so strongly and really NOT LISTENING AT ALL!) he was voted off and has lost a great deal of weight back at home… Good for him! Glad he won’t be on the Ranch anymore though! It was aggravating to see someone so stubborn! Conda brings “enough issues” to the house… we didn’t need all that!

So… that’s it… there you have it… I think my cold isn’t letting me think straight… I have to go… Oh wait… my numbers today:

Yesterday’s weight: 205.8           Today’s weight: 205.2

*cough* *cough*

The Thin Lady Inside



2 thoughts on “Sniffling and The Biggest Loser!

    • I hope you can find it! It is such a great motivation! at least for me!!! The transformation of all these people, just seeing them go from not being able to breath to jumping and running a marathon… it is just awesome! 😀

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