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I’ll be sitting!

Well… sick again! -ugh- I have a horrible cold! I barely got any sleep last night! I even spent part of the night on the couch! –sniffles– So… as you know… I always workout and watch the Biggest Loser on Tuesdays! I love doing that because it helps me to push myself a little further! Well… that won’t be the case tonight! I’ll just sit with a box of kleenex in my hands when watching! I am not missing it though! Now… my numbers:

Yesterday’s weight: 206.2 lbs.                Today’s weight: 205.8

la la la la la! I am sooo happy! And at the same time my impatient (very impatient) side of me is making this harder! I feel like I can almost touch the 100’s I feel like I am almost there! and at the same time it feels sooo far away… I hope I’ll have better days soon where I can workout EVER SINGLE NIGHT and leave the 200’s by Feb. 20th! That’s what I want… but we’ll see!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “I’ll be sitting!

    • Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement! sometimes impatience sabotages us… so I want to calm down and remember that I am doing this “for the long run” and for GOOD and to be healthy and not focus so much on the “numbers” I need to keep that in mind!

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