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Movie Night!

It’s Monday and even when my weekend was a little hard (children sick and now I’ve joined them too) I really enjoyed last night! Hubby rented a movie and I was a little frustrated because of course I felt like having chips, buttery popcorn or something like that… but then I thought… “hey! There’s a lot of stuff out there! I am sure they must have some sort of “diet popcorn” and so they did! I found “Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop” (94% less Fat) and it’s only 100 calories per serving! Of course your bag of popcorn is smaller (it’s about 1/2 the size of a normal microwave bag) but hey! It feels pretty good to have “your own bag of popcorn” and be able to “eat it all” …. I felt like I didn’t miss “on anything” and I actually really liked it! It’s obviously not as buttery but I enjoyed not having greasy hands and the butter flavor is subtle but good! I just really enjoyed it! (plus popcorn is very filling too!)

Cute bag isn't it? And it was all mine!

Let's watch that movie!

I am so happy I am finding ways to enjoy everything without having to “ruin” what I’m doing!

Now… the numbers for the day!

Yesterday’s weight: 207.0 lbs.       Today’s weight: 206.2 lbs.

I can’t believe it! I am getting closer and closer to the 100’s!!! I can’t wait!!!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Movie Night!

  1. I just had a craving for pop corn too the other day but since I have a machine(hot air) I just took 1/4 cup od seed, popped it and added 1 tsp of buttter and heaps of salt and it was great! It did as much a a whole bag and I ate everything but it was ot too many calories

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