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Update and Sampling

Good day! Yes it is a good day! Let me share my numbers first:

Yesterday’s weight: 208.6        Today’s weight: 208.0 

So, yesterday was a hard day… I am just hoping today will be much better… I was just hungry, like crazy hungry all day… I wanted to eat! And I felt tempted to go back to one of my old habits of just grabbing a spoon and eating food right from a pot like if that didn’t count because I was just “tasting it” then I came back to my senses and thought “What are you doing” went to the package of noodles that I was eating and I saw that 1/2 cup of those seemingly innocent noodles represent 210 calories! I wasn’t going to eat 210 calories in noodles! so I made a big salad and ate it! SITTING AT THE TABLE like a normal person does! Good one there! Then… we went to Sam’s … we usually buy wet wipes there, ham, chicken and stuff like that … but there was some “Sampling” everywhere… I started to just “taste things” Chili Frito Pie, it’s just a little bit right? Then some creamy dips with pretzels, I’m just tasting! But then I felt the monster and the fat tyrant that keeps me trapped in here say “What are you even dieting for? Don’t you want to just be able to enjoy all these things?” I felt weak inside and wanted to go by the pie sampling… so I grabbed a plate and stopped myself! What are you doing? Don’t listen to the very voice of the warden that has kept you here for so long! So I stopped! I didn’t have anything else after that… I went to a Bible Study that was great and they gave cupcakes there… I gracefully accepted it (it looked pretty awesome) and gave it to hubby when we left! Came home had my cup of coffee and a sugar-free 60 calorie treat and went to bed… I am just so happy I was stronger than I thought I would be… God is definitely making HIS voice louder than the voice of my flesh that wants immediate satisfaction without thinking about consequences…

Praise God!

The Thin Lady Inside


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