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Here I am

Ready to start another day! But first I want to share with you about my numbers….

Yesterday’s weight: 209.6        Today’s weight: 209.2

Last night I exercised… I am not running yet… my knees don’t seem to be able to handle it… so just walking (1 mile in 15:23 mins.) I burned about 650 calories in one hour… I am still having to start slower because of my knees…. I think the running will have to wait until I’ve lost some more weight and it’s not as hard joints.

Anyway… just happy and thankful with each achievement! Last night hubs said he is really proud of me… 😉 … He can see this is a real effort I am making …but as I’ve shared with you… the credit is not mine… on my own I really have no strength, it’s really been God helping me, and it never ceases to amaze me how such a Great God cares for me… even in these things… even when it’s about losing weight.

Today…  I am going to Ladies’ Bible Study… and if you remember there are always GREAT things for breakfast there…. I know I’ll do good! 🙂

The Thin Lady Inside


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