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Losing more… and some more!

I am just beyond excited! Sooo happy to see the numbers going down and down and down… I just wish I could keep it like this always… but even when I know there will be “plateaus” on the road and moments when I might get impatient because the “losing” is slower I am just going to enjoy every moment of this! So… here are my numbers today:

Yesterday’s weight: 211.2       Today’s weight: 209.6

So… how about that? I am just beyond ecstatic and I can already SEE me leaving the 200’s behind!!! all the effort is being rewarded! and it just feels sooo great! And helps me keep going with even more steam!!! The credit is not all mine! God is the one who should take credit! He is my strength even to do this! I know without him I have no self-control at all… but His peace and grace are definitely the very things that are allowing me to do this… Praise God!

The Thin Lady Inside


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