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I said: NO!

Well… I have to write very quick because I have to get ready to go to church… but I just want to share another victory! Yesterday was a great day… we went to the zoo and did a lot of walking! We didn’t even have time to eat and I was starving! Hubby was offered some candy bar and he wanted to share with me… I said: “no Thanks! I can wait”…. and so we did… when we left the zoo hubby wanted to stop somewhere to eat so I said “Subway” right? Ordered my sub with chicken breast and lots of veggies, some mustard, no mayo, no dressing, it was really really good! Then we were invited for dinner at some friends’ house… I was still hungry and worried… we are just making friends in the area (we moved here recently) and we didn’t want to say no… so we said yes and I thought “I’ll just manage”… when we got there the food was really good and nothing terrible for my diet so I had some chicken, some potatoes, lots of salad and lots and lots of water… when it came time for dessert I said : “No, thanks” … It was hard but it felt great! I did it! I can say “no” without making a big fuss about it…. Then we came home, watched a movie and I just had a sugar free chocolate-pudding (60 calories) and a cup of coffee… It was a great day and I still enjoyed eating… I ate out, I went to a friends house… I didn’t feel like my “diet” was “isolating me”… or that I couldn’t enjoy it all! (those two were other of my most common excuses)…. I can be part of it all, I can still enjoy friends…. I don’t have to really “miss out on anything” and I can actually enjoy some more because I feel better!

I am just so happy to share today’s numbers with you:

Yesterday’s weight: 212.4       Today’s weight: 211.2

YES! A little over a pound! I am so thankful! It’s almost like the prize after the battle! I am very happy! and it gives me extra motivation to keep going!

The Thin Lady Inside



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