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Regardless of the pain

Today is a good day! I am so happy it is Friday!!! I’ve gone almost 3 weeks of this new way of lifestyle and as day pass it gets somehow easier to control what I eat… what gets a little harder is seeing the numbers still so big…

Yesterday’s weight: 213.2              Today’s weight: 213.0

I mean… I know losing 9.8 pounds in less than 3 weeks is an ok number, especially because I am doing it for “the long run” I am trying to stay focus on how much healthier and better my days will be … But I am such an impatient person that I wish I had a magic wand  and could just make all the extra pounds disappear… I am sure it is important for me to go through this WAITING, HARD WORKING process for the first time in my life, without shortcuts and just making better/healthier choices each day so I learn how hard this is and hopefully will make me appreciate being healthy/thin so much more to STAY THAT WAY for good.

Anyway… Last night I exercised regardless of the knee pain, it is getting better though, I worked out for an hour and burned about 600 calories. I am trying not to run though to give my knees a chance to get better… I hope I can workout harder soon!

I guess that’s it for now… I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

The Thin Lady Inside


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