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Short day!

Yesterday, as I said in my previous post, was a long day… but it ended pretty good actually, had a LBS (Ladies Bible Study) at night with a group of wonderful friends, it was really encouraging and just edifying, I was very happy! Hubby also had an exciting evening with the new ESL class he started teaching, so it was great!

Today… Got on the scale and it didn’t show much change… but any change is good as long as it means that the numbers keep getting smaller!

So here it is:

Yesterday’s weight: 213.4          Today’s weight: 213.2

Motivated and happy that hubby is coming home earlier today! that will make up for the hours I didn’t see him yesterday… Plus I’ll be able to hit the gym earlier and “be done with it” LOL! My knees are still in a lot of pain so … I am not really enjoying out my workouts right now… I hope it all gets better soon. Oh! my pants size 16 are not that tight anymore… so I’ve gone from a very very tight 18 to a pretty comfortable 16! YAY!

The Thin Lady Inside


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