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One of those days!

Well… yesterday’s workout was good… but I already shared about that last night (previous post) … Today… Today there was no change on the scale… still 213.4 pounds…. I know there will be days like that… that’s ok… I can’t lie though and of course I LOVE LOVE seeing the numbers go down… but I have to stay realistic and sometimes that won’t be the case no matter how well I do with my eating/exercising…

Today… today will be one of those days… the girls and I can’t go outside right now because it’s pouring and I won’t get to see hubby before 8 p.m. I don’t like that… I love being with him… If it was up to me he’d never go to work… I’ve heard people say things like “I love being with hubby but I love it when he goes to work” and… I “understand it” because of the going back to routine and stuff but for me… I would be happy if he could stay home with us always… I am thankful he has a job though and don’t take me wrong… It is awesome that he is such a responsible, hard working man… I am just ranting here… it is just that I don’t like LONG days without him .. đŸ™‚

Anyway… I am looking forward to tonight… I’ll be joining a Ladies’ Bible Study and we’ll be using the book “Duty or Delight” by Tammie Head as a guideline (We study THE BIBLE but use a book to have some examples and insight from another perspective) … anyway… I am looking forward to the Studying of the Word with other women…  I am also part of another LBS on Tuesday Mornings (Studying the Book of Mark this semester)… It started yesterday and it was great… I was very proud of myself because there was SOOO MUCH FOOD: Doughnuts, breakfast burritos, quiche, cakes, kolaches, egg casseroles and some whipped cream dessert… and I just had water, coffee, some fruit and a small piece of breakfast burrito… So I did great!

That’s it for now… basically no change in “my numbers” and hoping the day goes by fast!

The Thin Lady Inside


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