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Just what I was needing!

I have to write real quick… but I just want to share that getting on the scale today and seeing the numbers change is JUST WHAT I WAS NEEDING to get extra motivated and feel stronger… here are my numbers:

Yesterday’s weight: 214.4                Today’s weight: 213.4

YOOHOOO! Another whole pound lost!!! That is soo awesome! if you read my previous post it was a hard day yesterday… I felt like binging and everything! and then… I couldn’t go exercise due to hubby’s late hours at work so I did extra good with my calorie count for the day!

Plus… I was needing to see the numbers go down before I go to this morning’s Ladies’ Bible Study at church where there is always AMAZING things to eat and not many of them are low calorie/healthy choices… so I am glad I have extra motivation to be able to go and do good when I see all those doughnuts, quiche, etc…. -sigh- … I already know what I’ll have there: Special K Bar, some fruit and coffee! YUP!

Have to go now!

The Thin Lady Inside


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