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Back on the treadmill and The Biggest Loser

As you probably know if you’ve read previous posts in this blog… I love working out while watching “The Biggest Loser” … I was back on the treadmill (because I couldn’t exercise yesterday) and my knees are still in a lot of pain. I feel like a robot  or more like a tin man (woman in this case) because it’s not only the extra weight and the “running” but also the humidity outside that make me feel all rusty and stiff… you know? The RA just makes me feel like I am not flexible, I can barely really bend my knees… but I still did my exercise…. And just like “The Biggest Loser”: NO EXCUSES! … I worked out for an hour and burned about 630 calories.


Please do not read below if you haven’t watch tonight’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” 1/24/12

So… it was great to see the black team exercise without a gym! I mean… after having lost the challenge they had to exercise outside (in the cold!) and try to be creative and find ways to still workout and burn calories, they did great in the weigh in (although they still lost it) but they proved us all that you can definitely exercise (and get a very good workout) even with things around the house (like a chair and stuff like that) it’s just about being creative… Then… Gail (from that team) got voted off and was sent home… I thought it was fair because the other person who would’ve been sent home was Chris because she had like a “panic attack” during the week and said she wanted to leave… I think it’s ok to feel weak and want to quit at times… I feel like that many times… but what matters is that we have to NOT STAY THERE, get up and keep moving forward! And Gail never really showed that much effort (although her workouts were still pretty hard compared to what an overweight like me usually does when working out) but at least she wasn’t at the level of the rest of the participants… I guess being sent home was the very push she needed to realize it’s all up to her and she is losing great amounts of weight at home! Good for her!!! She is looking great! And is another story that will help me get motivated! If she can do it… why can’t I? Right? …

So… that’s it for tonight… looking forward to tomorrow…

The Thin Lady Inside


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