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Sit to eat!

Well… Today I saw no change on the scale… same weight as yesterday: 214.4 lbs.

That’s ok… I know there will be days like this! As long as I stay focused and keep my mind in why I am doing this! I must remember… this is not a “quick fix” a “patch” this is the solution.. for life…. exercise and change my eating habits… and one of those habits is SITTING to eat! Life with two little ones can be hectic…. You are lucky if you get to take a shower without “audience” you know? without a kid in the bathroom with you? so sitting to eat my meals can feel at times like “an impossible thing to do” … many times I eat as I go… and I don’t even realize what goes into my mouth! I am always testing their food… when I cook I am eating… sometimes I don’t even go to the table to sit and eat what I cook… I just eat it standing … over the kitchen counter… quickly and barely even chewing … but I’ve realized that it’s a very “dangerous” and “weight increasing” habit… because when I don’t SIT TO EAT (whatever it is) is like if my brain does not “register” that food. You know? I remember when I used to work in an office… there was a very overweight lady that I had to work with … she was probably 300 some pounds and she always said she never had “time to eat” … she was a workaholic, she would be at work even in the middle of the night and whenever I had to work with her I realized there were always crumbs in her keyboard, empty wrappers in the trash and lots of empty soda cans, one day I had to work with her all day long (it was all IT related) and I remember I couldn’t believe how much she was eating… but she was focused in her job… her mind wasn’t in the ‘eating’ she was thinking about those long reports we were making… so at the end of the day someone said “hey, let’s order some pizza” and shockingly I heard her say: “Oh! Good because I haven’t had a chance to eat all day long” I was like… HUH!!!??? Really? I was very young and thin then… it was one of my first jobs so… I still hadn’t gone through that… I became a workaholic too though and one day came when I saw myself overweight and with empty wrappers in my trash can! I did one of my diets/pills things and lost the weight but I know that was just a quick fix…. Today… I am not behind a desk but it can be just as hectic (or more) and I realize that those habits are still in me and I need to eradicate them… I have to FOCUS when I eat… I have to stop whatever else I am doing when I have my meals (If I can write this long post -even when my kids are at my feet right now and the littlest is trying to type something too- I can sit and eat!) even if I am going to “munch on something”… SIT!!! that way my “BRAIN” will REMEMBER that I ate! Many times I’ve served my food and by the time I get to the table there is barely anything left because I pretty much ate it all while I was serving or who knows when! so when I sit and finally “eat the leftovers” of my own “just served” plate I feel like I didn’t eat anything! 😦 and it’s a HORRIBLE FEELING! plus it isn’t very satisfying at all and it leaves you wanting MORE!

SO… my lesson (for myself) today and hopefully something that I’ll remember and apply always… SIT AND EAT!

The Thin Lady Inside


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