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I really tried to “do more” in my workout yesterday… so, you know how I run for 2 mins. every “10 mins” on the treadmill … well yesterday I ran 3 mins. every 10 mins. (and a little faster) so… I burned 727 calories! in one hour! Of course being so heavy “helps” (HUH?) well… it makes you burn more calories…. because you are “moving more weight”.. so anyway… I burned a lot and I was happy… Right now I feel like “something weird happened to my knee” I am in pain and it feels like it’s kind of “out of place” … just weird. I hope it goes away soon.

Today I got on the scale and here are my numbers:

Yesterday’s weight: 214.6           Today’s weight: 214.4

So… not much change but that’s ok… I know it’s going to be like that some days… and I will not get discouraged by that.

Have to go now…

The Thin Lady Inside


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