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My dinner

I worked out today from 5 to 6 … my knees are still in a lot of pain so I couldn’t run… also because I definitely need new tennis shoes… each step makes my already painful blisters hurt a little more… My foot (even with thick socks) is rubbing against plastic inside the shoe… I have issues with the way I step so I really “burn out” my shoes in specific areas very quickly… Plus those shoes are not new anyway… when I had just had my first girl I was walking about 7 miles daily on those shoes… I walked for a whole summer… but we used to live in a very very cold place so as soon as there was snow outside that was pretty much it for me and my walks… I mean… it was hard with the stroller, I couldn’t go to the gym and a bunch of things… Today I am thankful I live in a place with “gym included” so all those other “reasons” are gone… so … anyway… Even when I didn’t run today I walked pretty fast on the treadmill and burned 645 calories in that hour! I feel very proud that the blisters and pain didn’t stop me from going to the gym… in the past the blisters on their own would’ve been enough excuse for me to stop.

Well… my dinner right? I had an amazing HAMBURGER!!

About 300 calories for the hamburger and 140 calories for the strawberry smoothie!

Look at that!

SO… About 300 calories in this beautiful, delicious thing! Roasted red onions, tomato, fresh baby greens and a perfectly seasoned patty made with 5 oz. lean ground beef all combined with the low calorie buns from Sara Lee (Multi-Grain Thin Buns) a little bit of mustard and some jalapeno slices on the side! Just glorious! (LOL!… I don’t know if it’s the thin lady talking right now or just the eater talking!) anyway… it was great!  and for dessert I’ll be having my low calorie strawberry smoothie!

Have to go now! If someone is reading this… if you… whoever you are ever bump into this specific post and if you are trying to lose weight… trust me… YOU CAN DO IT! and it doesn’t have to be eating like a rabbit! You can still enjoy delicious things! Just be creative… and if you are not that creative go online and look for low calorie options and recipes! I know I wouldn’t be able to do this if I couldn’t eat good!

The Thin Lady Inside


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