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This morning, like every morning, I weighed myself and my digital scale is acting up! So I am not really sure how much I weigh… You know? I get on the scale and it says something, then I get on again and says something different, then I carry something on my hands to see how much it says with “some extra weight” and it doesn’t even show a change, so I carry something heavier to see if “that will do it” and it finally shows a higher number and it’s like it gets it “unstuck” so I let go of all the things and weigh myself again and it shows something different… so … sometimes It is showing that I weigh 214.6 and sometimes it is showing that I weigh 214.2 so… I will say that I weigh 214.6 and hopefully will be able to get a new scale soon. -sigh- as you know I didn’t workout yesterday but I am planning on doing so today! Definitely have to!

so … again.. my numbers are:

Yesterday’s weight:   214.8                            Today’s weight: 214.6 (?)

Anyway… whatever my exact weight is I am just happy I keep losing! Even if I didn’t have a scale I know I am losing! When I started this new style of eating and started exercising (not even 2 weeks ago) I was wearing jeans size 18 (pretty tight!) you know? like having to get on the bed to close the zipper and that’s when I just knew I had to do something because I refused to go up another size! Especially because we can’t afford buying clothes! Plus going “shopping for clothes” is like the most depressing thing you can make me do! I always feel like running away from the stores and getting some big chocolate ice cream instead! (ironic!) but I just feel “hopeless” and it’s like I just “accept I am this big fat thing that stores can’t even dress” I feel like I should just wrap myself with the blankets of my bed! So… going back to my sizes… I was wearing that tight 18 and now I am wearing a tight (but not too tight… I don’t have to get on the bed to zip my pants up) so… a tight 16! YAY! It feels good to know it’s already reflecting (if just a little bit) on my body!

So… there you have it… That’s it for today! My prison is shrinking! Freedom seems possible and closer!

The Thin Lady Inside!


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