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Not working out today

I am soooo tired right now… just exhausted… My two girls are sick now so I’ve been up since about 3:30 a.m. (with a small break from 6-7 when I could sleep a little) … It’s going to be a long day and hubby won’t be able to help me watch the girls tonight so I will not be able go to the gym… So… knowing this ahead of time I am planning on reducing my calories today even more. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a better day and I’ll be able to exercise even more. Last night again I had to go to the gym much later than I like to but it doesn’t matter… I was there and worked out as hard as I could… I burned 700 calories in 1 hour.

So… let’s just see my numbers so I can go take care of the kiddos:

Yesterday’s weight: 215.8 lbs.               Today’s weight: 214.8 lbs.

Not bad!!! Very excited to hopefully leave the 200’s behind soon! At least I left the “I have to lose eighty some pounds and I am now having to lose seventy some pounds” 😉

The Thin Lady Inside


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