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My meals today

I am still not sure what I will have for dinner but I am thinking I’ll just make some quick cereal. Right now I just want to share with you about my breakfast and lunch. As you will be able to see it’s not a “not eating” diet… this is all about eating healthy and smart.


Eggs with mushrooms, green bell peppers & Onions, Low Calorie Toast with Unsweetened Jelly, Skim Milk and Water


Liver with Onions

Mexican dish of Liver with Onions, 2 corn tortillas, green salad with low fat/calorie dressing and water

Following this new regime I have to eat liver (due to its high levels of iron) twice a month.  I love liver so it’s no sacrifice at all but if you are just not used to it and think you won’t be able to “handle it” then just make sure you get enough iron from other sources (like kale, spinach, legumes, etc.)

The Thin Lady Inside


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