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And… I won!

So… It turns out that I won last night battle against “FAT, SLOW, LAZY me” and I did go exercise even when I had NOOOOOO motivation whatsoever to go do it! It was late, hubby was out and I just didn’t want to go exercise after a hard day with the girls (my 3 yr. old is sick right now) … I just wanted to relax and watch TV with hubby when he came. But instead I got my “work out clothes” on and when hubby came I didn’t even let him get in because I was almost out the door to go to the gym. I just told him “I’ll be back in an hour” and he kind of suggested me not going to the gym and I begged him to not even say that because every single pound on me was asking me to just sit on the couch! He understood and said: “No! You are right! You HAVE TO go” and so I went and exercised for an hour!

By the way… I wonder why you burn way less calories on the escalator compared to the treadmill! I hate it! 20 mins. on the escalator are like 65 calories when on the treadmill it would’ve been a little over 200 calories! so… I had to use the escalator for 20 mins because the treadmill was busy but the last 40 mins. I got to use the treadmill and burn more!

Anyway… I am excited over this little victory! I know there will be many days when I won’t feel like getting up and working out! But I need to fight each battle at a time.

And now… My numbers:

Yesterday’s weight: 216.2 lbs.                              Today’s weight: 215.8

And they keep going down!

The Thin Lady Inside


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