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Whatever works

Well… I’ve realized that when dieting/exercising (especially in the beginning) it is important to be smart and “trick our minds” (aren’t our minds our very own enemy many times?)…  so I want to share those tricks:

  • Serving my food in smaller plates (to feel like I still have a fuller plate)
  • Thinking about the weight that I still need to lose in terms of KILOS instead of POUNDS: that way it makes me feel like my goal isn’t that far away. (So I need to lose about 40 kilos and not about 83 pounds)
  • Thinking about the weight I’ve lost in POUNDS instead of KILOS: Hey! I’ve lost 5.2 pounds and not just 2.5 kilos!
  • Divide my exercise in smaller periods: I walk for about 10 minutes then run as fast as I can for 2 minutes and I continue doing so on minute 20, 30, 40, 50 until I reach 60. I am so tired and recovering from “the last run” that I can’t believe “it’s time to run again” I really feel like the hour passes faster.

So… those are my tricks!

The Thin Lady Inside


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