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The Biggest Loser

So…  on Tuesdays I work out watching the Biggest Loser Show… it keeps me going on the treadmill (even when today again for some reason the work out just didn’t “feel right”) but I still pushed through it and finished! it is exciting to see some other heavy people like me being able to move their bodies and just shedding the pounds off of their bodies! it makes me feel like I can do that too!


If you haven’t watched the latest episode 1/17/2012 be warned because I’ll be talking about who got voted off.

Today Lauren was voted off and I didn’t feel sorry for her because she is doing great at home! WOW! What a transformation! She lost 53 pounds and even ran half a marathon! it is so exciting! I hope I can say that about myself soon! I will be thrilled when I can share that I ran a marathon and when I can say that I’ve lost 50+ pounds, but it’s step by step and I won’t get impatient… not this time… each pound I lose gets me closer to my goal and I am just happy that it also gets me closer to escaping from the heavy prison that my body has become.

The Thin Lady Inside


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