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Plus 2 Pounds

Today when I weighed myself I knew I would see something I wasn’t going to like… I was even considering not weighing myself! As I said Hubby and I went on a date last night and I just couldn’t say no to that! so here are the consequences:

Weight Yesterday: 218.0 lbs.   Weight today: 220.2 lbs.

There you go! I am very focused today and I am about to go to the gym! I don’t feel discouraged because I know it wasn’t “a moment of weakness” or that “I lost control” It was a date night hubby and I hadn’t had for about a year and I PLANNED to enjoy it! It could’ve been worse… I didn’t even eat the whole (HUGE) hamburger and we shared a slice of cheesecake so… I think I still did pretty good.

I’ve been also thinking that it’s incredible that “BEFORE” I would’ve just eaten that and not think much about it and keep eating like “nothing happened” the next day! You know? But at least now I am focused and with a goal in my mind and I am fighting hard to get there and I will with the help of God and my supportive husband.

So that’s it for now… Have to go!

The Thin Lady Inside


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