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No change

Today the scale showed no change… I am still 218.0 lbs. like I was yesterday morning. That’s ok! I know there are many factors that reflect on weight and I know that what I am doing will still produce the results I am looking for.

So… yesterday was a “hard day” I was sooo hungry! Wanting to eat anything! then hubby bought ice-cream for himself (because as I said, I had him pretty spoiled with desserts and stuff like that) and I asked him to buy those small “Jell-o Pudding cups” that are sugar free and only 60 calories. So if I feel like I need some kind of “dessert” then I can have one of those.

Last night was hard to exercise too! I mean… to get myself to JUST GO DO IT! I didn’t feel like it at all! But I am very proud to say that I still did it and I did it good! 3.9 miles in 60 minutes, the treadmill said I burned 615 calories (or something like that) but I don’t know if I can trust that number, sometimes it seems that it says I am burning more than some other days when I am doing exactly the same so I am not sure.

Today… Today is the day when I’ll go grocery shopping! I am looking forward to having MORE OPTIONS and be able to follow My Menu without having to think too much on how to balance things/servings/portions, etc.

That’s it for now! Looking forward to exercising today!

The Thin Lady Inside


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