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Seeing it as butter

Last night workout was great! It really was! I was exhausted and the RA Pain I mentioned in my previous post was still there… even hubby thought it wasn’t a good idea to go workout which made “the thought” cross my mind and I was considering just taking a break… but I feel like right now IS NOT THE MOMENT to do that! I haven’t formed a strong habit yet and if I start “taking breaks” then I am risking “losing the momentum” so I still went to the exercise and actually pushed myself a little bit more. Every time I workout I walk hard and then run for a minute every 10 mins. Last night I ran for 2 mins every 10 mins. and walked a little faster. It felt really great. My heart reached 162 and I felt ALIVE! I didn’t have the goosebumps that I had been having though but still felt cold for a while after exercising (I mean, it’s cold outside but our house is pretty warm and I still was cold… like “in a different way” it’s probably the fact that I am not eating as many calories!).

Hubby is the one that is having “a melt down” LOL! He misses my cooking and baking, he was even grumpy last night asking me to bake… he told me that he was used to eat like he was eating “from Julia Child’s kitchen” and I just asked him to support me… I know he doesn’t really understand how hard this is… He’s always been thin and never had any issues with his weight, plus he doesn’t know how hard it is for me not only to control my eating but TO QUIT (for now) MY VERY PASSION and only hobby: COOKING AND BAKING . Right now I can’t indulge with ANYTHING! it’s not the time yet! I know one day I’ll be able to eat a slice of cake and burn it off at the gym! but right now I need to not eat that cake and burn what’s already ON ME ALREADY! so he understood in the end but I know he’s “suffering”.

The scale today? Well it didn’t show much change.

Yesterday’s weight: 218.4                      Today’s weight: 218.0

It’s not a lot, a little less than 1/2 a pound but when I don’t lose as much I just SEE IT AS BUTTER, right? so I lost about 2 sticks of butter!!! And that’s pretty cool! 😀

Have to go! I need to have breakfast before I get TOO hungry.

The Thin Lady Inside.


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