I don’t want to be one of those blogs where readers feel like they were drained from all good feelings or sucked into a “dark/sad/whinny place”. I am not going to be always whinnying and complaining (I hope! right?!) but I do want to keep this real and honest. And also want to track it all… and this is the moment to speak about RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) OH MAN! This hurts so bad! It’s usually just my arms but sometimes it progresses to my legs… When I get really bad flare ups I might not even be able to MOVE AT ALL… And I mean it! Like… not being able to even comb my hair (forget about combing it… just holding the comb!) or button my shirt! Squeezing limes with my hands is not an option and removing the cap from a bottle can turn into a big challenge! It hasn’t been THAT bad lately but today I am having horrible pain in my arms. Usually normal medicine doesn’t help and I am not on any treatment right now but some Ibuprofen helped this morning (Pain is back though). Whenever I talk to my family (not my hubby but my mom and dad) about the pain they tell me to “take it easy on the exercise) and… I mean… I understand! They are worried! But I KNOW that this time if the pain is not “paralyzing” I still have to push through it because all this extra weight is definitely NOT HELPING!!! My poor joints need a BREAK! So I am not going to use RA as an excuse but as a reason… and Today I am going to exercise BECAUSE and DESPITE of it! Because with a 3 and a 1 yr. old I really need to have an ACTIVE body for a long time! I need to be strong!

The Thin Lady Inside


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