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Cold/Hot/Shivers/Chills and more

It is very interesting how our bodies react to changes! Now that I am exercising I am feeling all kinds of things! At around minute 35 or 45 of my workouts I just start feeling all these weird chills like waves on all my body! I have goosebumps and I just can’t stop it! It doesn’t feel too bad it’s just weird… It’s like “energy/electricity” on all my skin! It is so very weird! Then when I was done last night (I only exercised about 45 mins. this time -long story- but I pushed myself a little further with the speed/intensity) so when I was done and I came home the chills/goosebumps that usually stop around 10 mins. after I am done exercising they just wouldn’t go away. I kept feeling like that for about 5 hours (I also had some regular coffee so I don’t think the caffeine helped) and I felt REALLY cold and almost shivering when I went to bed (after a warm shower). Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, the chills/goosebumps stopped and I started feeling REALLY WARM. I wonder why this is but it has happened before when I’ve exercised in the past. Today I had another “reaction” ***TMI WARNING*** … All of a sudden I had some blood discharge… My period is not due yet but in about 1 more week and I am very regular with it so I am wondering “this is it” and if all the exercising “triggered it” or what…. so who knows, I guess I’ll find out soon.

So… In regards to my weight WOOHOO! I lost almost another pound!

My weight yesterday: 219.2 lbs.              My weight today: 218.4 lbs.

So I am VERY MOTIVATED to continue! I’ve lost 4.4 pounds so far! Today is Thursday (in the morning) and I started on Monday! So… I basically lost those 4.4 pounds in 3 days! Not bad! And I haven’t had headaches or felt SUPER HUNGRY or anything like that!

TIP: Something else I’ve been doing is using “sugar free jelly” on low calorie toast. I had that with a cup of coffee yesterday as a snack and it really helped me! Of course I still use a thin layer of jelly but that way I feel like I can still have some kind of “sweet treat”.

The Thin Lady Inside


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