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Ready to work out and a confession…

So… I am ready to go work out now! well… in a little bit! I’ll watch the Biggest Loser while I am on the treadmill! Nothing to get me going like all those people exercising so much regardless of their weight!

And the confession… I ate more for dinner than “The Menu” I am following says… but the thing is that since I don’t have fruit right now in my fridge… I am super hungry and I guessed some extra calories wouldn’t hurt! no… not starting to make excuses for myself here! and no… the extra calories weren’t in the shape of an ice cream cone or things that I don’t even dare to mention right now… I just ate more rice… that’s it… (I sooo love rice!) and I didn’t eat an excessive amount just a little more than the portion I was supposed to have… still I want to make sure I WRITE these little modifications/changes/indulgences down to keep track of everything I am doing, to stay accountable and to be able to see the effect it has on my weight each day/week.

Ok… gotta go now! Just stopped by to write real quick.

The Thin Lady Inside


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