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My first pound!

Well… yesterday I posted that it was “a day of many firsts” and I don’t know how I forgot to include that my baby gave her first steps too! 4 in a row! It was awesome!!! I felt that we were “on the same boat” she’ll be running soon and I’ll be RUNNING too!

So last night I exercised on the treadmill!  50 mins. only! I got blisters on my feet! but otherwise I felt great… I walk mostly at 3.7 so it’s like 16 or 17 minutes per mile right? I think! My eyes are constantly on the “calorie screen” LOL! and today I weighed myself and it was great to see that I lost 1.4 pounds! Yoohoo! Seeing the numbers start to change is really a great motivator, especially on the first days that it’s so hard to go through the day without snacking and munching not even THINKING about what’s going to your mouth!

I must say that it wasn’t so hard! The problem right now is that we haven’t gone grocery shopping so I am trying to be creative! Like yesterday I had frozen (breaded) tilapia in the freezer and I ate that for lunch with a big big salad, after BAKING the tilapia I still put it over paper towel (and pressed it a little bit) to get rid of some extra oil. I also cut the bread (or rice) from that meal because of the breading. So I think I still made the best choices with what I had at hand!

My breakfast was “Huevos a la Mexicana” and they were great (Mexican Style Eggs)

it was basically ONE egg with onions, chopped green bell pepper (or serrano pepper if you like the heat) and chopped tomato, (fry the pepper, onions and tomato first  -I used a non-stick pan) with about 1 tsp. olive oil!- season with some salt, add the egg and mix until it’s done) YUM YUM! and one CORN tortilla. You should try it!

Have to go now! I got up late and need to make my breakfast (and start drinking water)

Oh… some more things I need to share but later…. I am getting hungry! VERY hungry! LOL!

The Thin Lady Inside


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